Website FAQ

If you are a member and wish to edit the Website or Calendar you can easily do so with basic computer skills. First request access from the administrator.

To view/add/edit the Calendar or Website you must login to your google account. Log-in to your Google Account using the email address you provided when registering with the Cranleigh Runners. Once you are logged in you can access the calendar from the home page by clicking on the "Google Calendar" icon on the bottom right of the calendar. Or here is the link

What you need to do to get access;
1) You must have a free Google Account to access the site (See below for details).
2) The Website Administrator must give permission.

How do I get a free Google Account and Password?
Go to the Cranleigh Runners Home page and select the "Sign In" from the bottom of any page this will take you to a Google Sites login page.
    1) Click 'sign up for sites'
    2) Enter your email address ''
    3) Create your own password
    4) Select the country you live in (UK)
    5) Copy the security code into the box
    6) Select 'create my account'
You can use any email address that you like when you register with Google. Just make sure it is the same email address you have supplied to the CTHR club! That's it - you won't receive a confirmation email from Google. You can now log into the Website and Calendar. Please see the presentation below for a step by step guide to setting up a Google Account.

How to set-up a Google Account - Step by step

Link to Calendar
Events Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Contact the Administrator
To contact the administrator please click here.

Google Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password please go to the Google login area and request a password reset to your email address. Your username and password from the old website will not work here.

TOP TIP!: What is the quickest way to login to edit the site?
At the bottom left of every page there is a "sign in" link in very small text. Click the link and enter your details.

I cannot log in and my browser continually says it is redirecting.
This can happen on the Firefox browser and the Safari browser. You may experience this when trying to login. At the login screen there is an endless redirect loop and you can never login to the website. The solution is to clear your cache and cookies. The instructions for clearing the cache and cookies may be different for each browser and version. Click here for a link simply showing the steps for several commonly used browsers and versions.

How do I set-up an email Notification for new Calendar Events or changes?
  1. Login to your Google account.
  2. To receive notifications of Calendar Events go to Google Calendar and select Settings -> Calendars -> Notifications -> Then select your preferences.
  3. Select Save.

How do I set-up email Notifications for changes to individual pages of the Website?
  1. When logged in to your google account select the page you are interested in.
  2. To receive notifications of page changes select the More Actions tab at the top right of your browser and Select Subscribe to page changes.

Calendar related FAQs
NOTE: Events and Event Details are now viewable, to the Public, on the Home Page without login!
It is not advisable to add personal details to a Calendar Event. If you need to add personal details, keep the Calendar Event details basic, then use the Facebook group for other details.

How do I add a Calendar Item?
Click here to open a new window for Google Calendar. First ensure you are looking at the cranleightortoiseandhare calendar by making sure it is highlighted (red) on the left hand side. A good way to check is to confirm that you can see other future/past events.

Select the Date and Time for the event. Give the event a name and select 'Create Event'. You may also select 'Edit Event Details' and add more details. Please add details in the 'Description' area of the event. Tip: If you add the full address in the 'Where' box a link to a map will appear in the Calendar.

How can I Receive Notifications of Events Added, Changed or Removed
To receive notifications of Calendar Events go to Google Calendar and select Settings -> Calendars -> Notifications -> Then select your preferences.