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Help - I Can't access the members area!

posted 12 Oct 2009, 16:33 by Sample User   [ updated 15 Mar 2010, 04:08 by Paul McGuinness ]
If you are a paid-up CTHR member you should be enabled on the Members area of the website.

Here are a few pointers;
1) The password from the old website will not work here.
2) You must have a free Google Account to access the site (See below for details).
3) The Membership secretary must give permission.

How do I get a free Google Account and Password?
When you are not logged in to Google and select the members area this will take you to a Google Sites login page.
    1) Click 'sign up for sites'
    2) Enter your email address ''
    3) Create your own password
    4) Select the country you live in (UK)
    5) Copy the security code into the box
    6) Select 'create my account'
You can use any email address that you like when you register with Google. Just make sure it is the same email address you have supplied to the CTHR club! That's it - you won't receive a confirmation email from Google. You can now log into the members area. Please see the presentation below for a step by step guide to setting up a Google Account.
Click here to see a step by step presentation of how to set up a google account. 

I use Google Mail and/or Google Calendar can I use the same Account login?
Yes you can use the same Google Account login details. The email address known to the CTHR club must be the same as in your Google account. In fact your Google account applies across all Google Products including Picasa Web Albums, Google Maps, Google Search, etc.

I have forgotten my Google account password how do I reset it?
On the login page select 'can't access your account' then select the 'I forgot my password' option and the 'reset you password here' option. Your password reset will then be emailed out to your Google Account Registered email. All password management is controlled by Google and the Website Administrator of this site cannot reset your password.

Paid-up Members who cannot get access to the Members Area please email the administrator at